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Welcome to Fitness Haven Studio Blog

Allow me to extend a warm welcome to my brand new blog! My name is Rachel, and I own and operate Fitness Haven Group Fitness and Pilates Reformer Studio. I take great pride in being a dedicated fitness professional and enthusiast with a wealth of experience spanning over two decades. My areas of expertise lie in group fitness, pilates reformer, and nutrition – subjects that I am incredibly passionate about.

The primary purpose behind launching this blog is to create a platform where I can freely share my extensive experience, valuable tips, and profound knowledge pertaining to all things fitness. My ultimate goal is to serve as a source of inspiration and support for each one of you on your personal fitness journey.

Beyond my commitment to fitness, I find solace in spending time outdoors with my delightful canine companions. Hiking, running, and immersing myself in the pages of captivating books are some of the ways I indulge in self-care. Additionally, I derive great pleasure from experimenting with new and wholesome recipes in my kitchen.

I am genuinely thrilled to embark on this journey with all of you and foster a community dedicated to enhancing our well-being through fitness and healthy lifestyle choices.

Together, we will embrace the joy of physical activity and empower one another to achieve our individual fitness goals.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure, and I eagerly await the opportunity to share my experiences with each and every one of you. Let's thrive together on this remarkable fitness expedition!

Warm regards,


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