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Patti is very passionate about fitness and wants to share her love and expertise with all of you! She encourages and motivates all of her clients, from the first time they meet and continuing out through the years. 

Her main focus is on functional training and form. Patti is a certified Spin instructor, TRX, Pilates mat and reformer and an AFAA personal trainer for over 15 years who loves helping clients consistently improve the quality of their life. She is always trying to help find their inner athlete,

doesn’t matter what age!

Outside of her fitness world, she is married

to a wonderful man and has three beautiful girls! They are always on the run, going from soccer to Lacrosse to basketball and love

to ski/snowboard in the winter and surf

and sun in the summer!

Patti is looking forward to being a part of

all of your fitness goals and like she always says, “we must challenge to Change!”

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