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Try a FREE Pilates Reformer class

Thank you!We know you will fall in love with Reformer!

Should YOU try Pilates Reformer?

You should try Pilates Reformer if you want -

  • Increased mobility and stability - The resistance loaded springs on the reformer strengthen the entire body to not just target the large muscle movers, but also activate the smaller stabiliser muscles. 

  • Stronger core muscles and increased bone density - Pilates Reformer is a dynamic form of exercise which uses the machine’s springs as resistance to create long, lean and toned muscles.

  • Improved posture with better balance - Many of the exercises performed on the reformer machine target the core while working all the surrounding muscles in the torso. A stronger core is essential for ideal posture and will help increase balance.

  • Reduce stress and improved mental health. Pilates focuses on breathing with mindfulness in movement to relieve stress and encourage relaxation.


Pilates is great for you if you have:

  • Chronic back, neck or shoulder pain - Pilates Reformer exercises can help reduce pain and tightness in the body. Strengthening the core muscles will provide support for the back and neck and strengthening the muscles around the shoulder will help provide stability.  Proper alignment of the spine will also enhance posture which helps these ailments and the reformer provides gentle stretches to relax tight back and neck muscles.

  • Injuries that prevent you from participating in high impact exercises - The springs and ropes are specifically designed to enable you to work in different ranges of motion rather than strict weight bearing exercises which reduce the load through your body. The low impact allows for repetitive movements which in turn tone and strengthen the injured areas to speed up recovery.


Pilates Reformer Package Pricing:

1 Session - $35

4 Sessions - $120

8 Sessions - $210

12 Sessions - $300


*Each package is valid for 60 days and package rates are for group sessions which is 5 people or less for 45 minutes. We also offer 30 minute private sessions.

*Packages are non refundable.


Call us today 973-600-5437 for more information or to set up a demo! 

Pilates Etiquette

First time clients: 

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of class in order for your instructor to familiarize you with the reformer.

Equipment and attire: 

Clients must wear grippy socks in order for your feet not to slip during exercise.  Grip socks can be purchased in our studio.

Keeping things clean: 

At the end of class, kindly wipe down the machines with a gym wipe and place accessories away.

Upon arrival: 

Please place belongings (coat, shoes etc…) in the locker room before entering the pilates studio.  We do not provide locks.

Cell Phones: 

No cell phones on during class.  Please either turn off your phone or silence it.


Please don't hesitate to ask questions about how to modify or increase intensity to any exercise. We want you to get the most out of your workouts!

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