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Rachel B.

Rachel was born and raised in New Jersey

as an athlete in cheerleading and gymnastics. At the age of 23 she moved

in Los  Angeles CA and started her career

as a personal trainer. 


She has certifications through National Academy of Sports Medicine, A graduate frim CNI Personal Training School, A Schiwnn  Cycling Certification, and a Certification as a Holistic Health Coach through Integrative Institute for Nutrition.  


Rachel has competed in 7 bikini competitions, A runner in the LA marathon 2013 and a Sisu Iron Run in 2015.

Through all of her accomplishments her biggest accomplishment is having her son last year (May 2019). 


Rachel believes anyone can do anything when we shift our mind and create habits that allow us to live the life we choose.

Her passion and purpose is to help people create the life they want  through fitness, nutrition and lifestyle. 

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