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Meet me at the barre!


What is Barre?

Barre classes are upbeat, fun classes that focus on small, isolated groups of muscles using movements that improve core strength and enhance flexibility. They also help improve alignment and posture. These isometric exercises and small movements work muscles at a specific joint angle within a given range of motion. Barre classes focus on strengthening and tightening the hips, glutes, thighs, and core.

In addition to targeted movement, aerobic exercise is also incorporated. This allows for an increase in cardiovascular endurance while increasing the body’s metabolism to burn fat. Increased stamina is achieved by allowing very little rest between exercises to keep muscles engaged. These intense classes last an average of 45 minutes.

Barre Benefits

Regular barre workouts can increase bone density, which can help prevent osteoporosis and help you avoid injury. The small isometric movements used during barre classes build muscle strength without putting extra strain on ligaments and tendons like other fitness training programs can.

One of the best benefits of barre is that it’s fun! It incorporates upbeat music and engaging choreography. When classes are fun and enjoyable, your chances of staying with the program increases. Barre classes also offer quick noticeable results as they help strengthen and tone your muscles without increasing bulk, and improves posture and cardiovascular endurance and metabolism, burning calories way after your workout is done.


Is a Barre workout right for you?

Barre workouts improve core strength and posture 

while achieving quick results in strength and muscle tone.

They are recommended for individuals of all fitness levels.

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