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In 2012 Amanda Thompson stepped onto a yoga mat in a small studio in Portland, Maine, unsure what to expect; she left the studio 60 minutes later knowing something inside of her had just ignited. Since that day in 2012 Amanda has dove into the world of yoga and yogic principles and has not looked back. 

Amanda moved back to New Jersey after receiving a BA in History and Education in 2017. She completed her yoga teacher training under Claudia Fejko and Colleen Brady at Flipped Dog Yoga in Jefferson, New Jersey where she received her 200 hour certification

in 2019 and her advanced 300 hour

certification in 2020. 

Amanda creates classes that focus on building strength in the mind, body and spirit. Her classes challenge all levels of practitioners with yoga styles ranging from power vinyasa to restorative gentle yoga. She takes a keen interest in getting to know her students and their individual needs in order to design classes specifically for them. When Amanda is not in the studio she is often in workshops, reading

or researching; she believes she is always a student first and foremost and continues to learn in order to grow her practice and teaching abilities.

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